KIT VHSS english version

This documentation serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding, preventing, and addressing sexual harassment and gender-based violence. We delve into the fundamental concepts, shed light on the different forms these abuses can take, and provide practical tools to assist survivors and allies in taking action.

As part of our commitment to support you in your efforts, we offer a range of downloadable templates to provide guidance and streamline your processes (please note that some of the attachments are exclusively in French for administrative reasons).


Appendix 1 Confidentiality agreement

Appendix 2 Notice of refusal to sign

Appendix 3  Disciplinary sanction dispute letter

Appendix 4 CERFA template of referral to the employment tribunal

Appendix 5 model of special power of attorney to send to your representatives

Appendix 6  Acknowledgement of receipt

Appendix 7 Information sheet to attach to work contracts

Appendix 8 Letter to send to the employer to report incidents

Appendix 11 Template of clause to include in live performance contracts in case of coactivity