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who to contact in case of emergency ?

If your situation requires an urgent intervention from the authorities, you can contact the police (commissariat or gendarmerie).

By phone

In case of emergency, when a quick intervention is necessary, you can call the police emergency services. Dial 17.

You can also dial 112 (emergency contact to use when a calling from a country in Europe, or from a mobile phone, 24/7, free of charge).

You cannot make a phone call

114 is the emergency call relay service if you are unable to talk on the phone (deaf, hearing-impaired, …) or if it might put in in danger. You can contact them by text message, free of charge, 24/7.

In addition, with the mobile app “Urgence 114” or the website, you can have access to:

Video calling: communicating in sign language.

Chatting: communicating in writing, which allows you to talk with police staff.

At any moment, the conversation history can be deleted from your computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Voice/text reply: speak and 114 replies in writing (or the other way around)

The website is dedicated to reporting sexual and gender-based violence and allows you to communicate with the police in a chat form. Any conversation on this website can be delated in case of an emergency, to guarantee the secrecy of your report

Right to withdraw labour

The right to withdraw labour consists of an employee stopping work in any situation where they have reasonable cause to believe that it presents a serious and imminent danger for their life or their health. In this case, the employee must immediately alert their employer of the danger justifying their withdrawal.

As a victim of sexual harassment or violence, you can exercise your right to withdraw labour. In case of a dispute, the judge will verify if the harassment situation really presented a “serious and imminent danger” to your health.

[L. 4131-1] The employee shall immediately alert the employer of any work situation which they have reasonable cause to believe presents a serious and imminent danger for their life or their health, as well as to any deficiency they notice in the protection systems.

They may withdraw from such a situation.

The employer may not require an employee who has exercised their right to withdraw labour to resume their activity in a work situation where serious and imminent danger persists, in particular when it results from a deficiency in the protection systems.

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